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Sharon Stevenson

USA Today Bestselling Author of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance






Sick of cookie-cutter urban fantasy plots?


Readers agree that Blood Bound is

dangerous, compelling, unpredictable

and refreshingly different.


Blood Bound is an Amazon bestselling novel, with over 130 rave reviews on Amazon US!


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The Gallows series is available exclusively on Amazon - Read it free in Kindle Unlimited.



About The Gallows Novels


This new adult modern fantasy series follows twin demon trackers Shaun & Sarah Gallows as they hunt down supernatural threats, but there’s a hell of a lot more to worry about than the creatures they have to fight.


Welcome to the world of The Gallows Novels, where personal demons bite harder than vampires.




Also by Sharon Stevenson

At present there are seven books in the Gallows series, with two still to be released. Titles are as follows:


Blood Bound

Demon Divided

Fate Fallen

Curse Corrupted

Hell Halved

Spirit Splintered

Heaven & Hell


There is one standalone paranormal romance in the Gallows World series, with a second planned for release in 2017:


Twisted Magic


There are three short novels in the Raised series at present, with the final book still to be released. Titles are as follows:


Dead Man Running

Death Magic Rules

Restless Spirits


There are short stories in three volumes of At Hell's Gates, an anthology whose proceeds go to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Titles are as follows:


At Hell's Gates: Existing Worlds (Gallows short story)

At Hell's Gates: Origins of Evil (Horror stand alone short story)

At Hell's Gates: Bound by Blood (Horror stand alone short story)


There is a standalone paranormal romance set in the same supernatural world as the Gallows novels in the Saint's Grove series:



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