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Destiny follows a twisted path... SNS.FBCover

Top secret project reveal! #PNR #witches #vampires #demons

By Sharon, Aug 22 2016 10:00AM

I've been working on something big with 11 other paranormal authors and it's been kept pretty well under wraps. Well now I can reveal that the secret is a series of stand alone paranormal romance novels based around a cosmic event in the US town of Saint's Grove.

My novel focuses on demon tracker Ally and her crazy night chasing down a demon with a guy from another universe who just happens to be another version of her ex. If you've read the Gallows novels, I've given this book the same rules and mythology - it just deals with new characters.

A demon is coming to Saint’s Grove. Luckily experienced demon tracker Ally lives in town and picks up the demon’s trail. Hot on his cloven hoofs is a tracker from a world parallel to hers, a man by the name of Brandon, who just happens to be the other universe version of her sleazy ex-boyfriend, Cole.

As if things weren’t bad enough, the demon is after a witch-crafted relic known as The Heart, with which he plans to open the gates of hell and enslave all of humanity. Ally and Brandon must race against the clock to destroy the threat to her world.

Working together, the two are at odds. Ally can’t help but be drawn to Brandon, but she’s not sure trusting him is worth the risk of a broken heart. Brandon knows Ally has been hurt before, but can he convince her he’s worth taking a chance on?

The release date for this book is the 19th October, so there's gonna be a bit of a wait for this one. To watch the series trailer and get a sneak peek at the full line up, click the Saint's Grove tab in my website menu.

Aug 27 2016 01:07AM by Sharon Chalk

when will this go out for preorder? Cause I don't want to miss this one that for sure and your book Heart sounds really good paranormal and scifi both can't beat that!!!!! ps-do you need any arc readers??

Aug 28 2016 10:49PM by Sharon Stevenson

Hi Sharon,

It'll be live as a pre-order by the 15th September. I have a review team you can join if you're a reviewer. You'll get to know when it's available (along with other books in the series) if you want to join the team. Just email me if you're interested: [email protected]

Thanks :)

Sep 27 2016 08:10PM by Royalists President Charles Lewis Nichols

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Oct 10 2016 08:46PM by Karen Haas

Thank you.

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